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5 Ways to Protect Your Future After a Drug Crime Arrest

Oct. 17, 2019


When you face a drug crime arrest and subsequent charges, the Law Office of Patrick E O'Neill, PSC, in Jackson can guide you in protecting your future and reputation. We have over 20 years of experience defending private individuals, public figures, business owners, doctors, nursing home staff and nurses. If you are a college student, a drug crime conviction can affect your eligibility for student aid, loans or internships. Fighting your case to prevent a conviction will better protect your future.

5 Steps To Take When Facing Drug Crime Charges

Kentucky police target crimes involving prescription medicines, opioids, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines. If you have been arrested for drug charges, we will consult on the best path forward for your case. We will always work to lessen your charges and penalties.

Taking the following steps may help your case:

1.If drug dependency led to your arrest, your lawyer could help you take action right away. Measures such as getting into a drug addiction treatment program can help. Your health and well-being matter a great deal. Demonstrating a commitment to recover may help improve your case.

2.Consult with an attorney if you were used or influenced by others. You may be targeted because of a plea bargain a prosecutor struck with someone else. Work with your defense lawyer to identify and pursue aggressive strategies for your defense when someone else's criminal matter has implicated you.

3.Talk honestly with your lawyer about your role in drug trafficking, the creation of drugs or possession. We will work to determine the evidence and other parties involved. Cooperating with the police can help lessen your charges and provide information about the dealers or people manufacturing the drugs.

4.Pay attention to the potential impact on your professional life. If you have a license or a public profile to protect, you could have your license suspended, or your reputation could harm your professional practice. The licensing board may penalize you. Work closely with a skilled lawyer early in your case to prevent these negative consequences.

5.Pursue a robust and precise defense of your case. Your case may be referred to as drug court instead of a regular court with no criminal conviction. This can be a favorable route to take with the potential of no criminal record to harm your future. Explore all your options with the help of an experienced defense lawyer.

As with all crimes, remember to keep your communications confidential between yourself and your attorney. Don't talk to friends or family about details of the case. What you say may be used against you. Get a strong lawyer-client relationship started right away. Discuss these five ways to protect your future with an experienced Kentucky criminal defense lawyer. Learn about other steps you can take to help yourself after a drug crime arrest.

Protecting Your Future Is Essential — Take Action Now

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