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Wildcat Football Player Arrest on Drug Charges

A safety on the Kentucky Wildcats football team, who has since been cut from the squad, has been arrested in connection with a search of his home that, according to police, led to their discovering drugs and other evidence of trafficking.

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Overview of Domestic Violence Laws in Kentucky

Anyone can get in to family squabbles. People say what they do not mean, and a fight can oftentimes end with a lot of shouting and commotion. While there is nothing wrong with this per se, sometimes people can cross the lines and get physical in a family fight or a fight with their spouse or significant other.

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Drug Trafficking Is Taken Seriously in Kentucky

The federal government and the states are tough on drug offenses. Among the wide variety of drug crimes and individual could face, one of the most serious is drug trafficking. Kentucky prosecutors will file trafficking charges when police suspect that the accused person was providing drugs to someone else, even if the person did so for little or no money.

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Overview of the Social Security Disability Program

Many residents of Jackson, Kentucky, may have a general idea that the federal government offers benefits to those who are legally disabled. However, they may not know exactly how the government's program works, even if they should find themselves suddenly unable to work and in need of financial help.

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Fighting for Clients with Various Types of Injuries

There are a lot of ways residents of Jackson, Kentucky, can get hurt. In addition to physical injuries from unexpected incidents, residents can also suffer financially, emotionally or mentally at the hands of others who either were just not being as careful as they should have or who, unfortunately, set out to do harm.

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Former Kentucky Hoops Star Arrested for DUI

If you drive southwest of Jackson for about an hour and a half, you will come to London. Though you can't find Buckingham Palace or Big Ben there, you can find the spot where Kentucky basketball royalty was recently stopped by a police officer and then arrested for driving while drunk.

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