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A First-Time Domestic Violence Charge Must Be Taken Seriously

Jan. 24, 2019

People in Jackson, Kentucky, probably know that family quarrels can get heated. Spouses and significant others may say things they don't mean and behave in ways they would never dream of behaving in front of a stranger or those outside of their family circle.

When these arguments get out of hand, the end result could be that one or even both parties to the argument can wind up getting arrested and charged with a crime related to domestic violence. Someone who has had no prior trouble with the law may chalk the affair up as a mistake and decide to plead guilty to get it over with.

Even if jail or other harsh punishments would not be on the table for a first offense, they should still think twice before trying to resolve the matter quickly. The reason is that there are many collateral consequences to domestic violence convictions, and these can affect even first-time offenders.

For example, those convicted of domestic violence, even a misdemeanor, are prohibited under federal law from owning or possessing a firearm, even for innocent activities like hunting. Moreover, a domestic violence conviction can also affect one's custody order and, by extension, their relationship with their children.

Even a first-time domestic violence accusation should be taken seriously, as it can have far-reaching consequences that could last for years or even for a lifetime. These consequences can extend well beyond the possibility of jail time and fines. Someone accused of crimes related to domestic violence should strongly consider speaking to an experienced Kentucky criminal law attorney who can advise them of their options.

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