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Drug Trafficking Is Taken Seriously in Kentucky

May 17, 2018

The federal government and the states are tough on drug offenses. Among the wide variety of drug crimes and individual could face, one of the most serious is drug trafficking. Kentucky prosecutors will file trafficking charges when police suspect that the accused person was providing drugs to someone else, even if the person did so for little or no money.

The most serious trafficking charge, first-degree drug trafficking, can be filed if a person sells or transfers certain types of drugs. For instance, any trafficking of heroin can lead to a charge of trafficking in a controlled substance in the first degree. Fentanyl, a manufactured opioid that can be used to treat pain, can also lead to the same charge no matter the amount exchanged.

In the case of other drugs, whether a person can be accused of first-degree trafficking depends on the amount the person sold. For example, selling more than four grams of cocaine or two grams of methamphetamine can lead to trafficking in the first-degree drug charge. One can face the same charge for selling any amount of these drugs, but the possible penalties are less severe.

Still, first-degree drug trafficking is always charged as a felony, meaning a person convicted of the charge, even on account of a one-time mistake, faces months or years in jail, hefty fines and strict and often expensive terms of probation. Moreover, someone convicted of a drug charge can lose his or her professional reputation, career opportunities and can even face other consequences like the loss of financial aid or subsidized housing.

Although all drug charges should be taken seriously, if a Jackson resident or someone from the surrounding communities gets charged with trafficking drugs, they should strongly consider enlisting the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney in the area to help them mount their defense.