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Facts About Personal Injury

July 6, 2021

Don’t Let an Accident Put You Into Debt

An elderly person has their foot attended to by a nurseHire a Personal Injury Lawyer to Represent You

If you’ve been injured due to no fault of your own, you need to consult a lawyer right away. The Law Office Of Patrick E. O’Neill, PSC offers compassionate personal injury representation for clients dealing with all types of injuries.

Make an appointment with an experienced personal injury lawyer today to start moving past your accident. Get the Compensation You Deserve for Your Injury

Attorney O’Neill handles a variety of personal injury cases for clients in the Jackson, Kentucky area. He can help you if you've been injured due to any of the following:

  • Slip and Fall

  • Dog Bite

  • Auto Accident

  • Bike Crash

Unlike some other personal injury lawyers, attorney O’Neill works primarily on injury recovery. He’ll help you get the compensation you need to pay your medical bills and make up for lost time, wages, and personal suffering. Call to speak with attorney Patrick E. O’Neill.

Get Help with Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have suffered a physical, emotional, or mental injury because of negligence by another person or a dangerous place or situation, we are here to help. You may not know how to start with a personal injury claim, or you may wonder whether your case qualifies. A free consultation can give you the answers you need now.

Maximize The Value Of Your Case

Being unaware of your rights after an injury can leave you disadvantaged against insurance agencies. We are ready to fight for adequate compensation for your injuries, as well as damage to property such as your car.

Patrick E O'Neill has over 20 years of experience as a personal injury lawyer. Our Jackson-based firm has experience with clients who have suffered moderate to severe injuries, accident victims with catastrophic injuries, and close family members affected by personal injury cases and fatalities.

Does Your Personal Injury Claim Qualify?

Successful personal injury claims require knowledgeable legal guidance throughout the process. Our firm can work with you to gather the necessary information and help you file a civil suit. We can help clients with:

  • Seeking medical help and compensation for motor vehicle crashes

  • Utilizing relevant experts to re-create crash cases

  • Premises liability cases such as slip-and-fall accidents and dog bites

  • Injuries caused by animals

  • Discrimination claims

  • Accidents caused by traffic violations

  • Trucking accidents

  • Work injuries and seeking workers' compensation

  • Injuries sustained from Kentucky distracted drivers or drunk drivers

  • Filing civil claims and appeals with the courts

  • Seeking recompense for the effects of exposure to toxic mold

  • Recovering compensation when asbestos has caused mesothelioma

Essential Steps In Your Injury Claim

We are ready to work with you one-on-one every step of the way. Our skills can help clients take essential steps in their legal cases such as gathering pertinent evidence. We have experience filing insurance claims and determining liability. We skillfully pursue favorable outcomes for our clients through negotiations, mediation, and litigation in Kentucky courts. If we represent you, together we will seek benefits you are eligible for to cover damages caused and ensure you receive the necessary medical attention.

We Will Work To Advocate For You

Our goal is to get you the maximum compensation after a truck, motorcycle, or car accident such as a distracted driving or drunk driving accident. We know it is impossible to restore your original way of life, but we will fight for your best future after an accident. Let our team focus on the medical and financial needs you have with compassion and personal service.

Get Started | Consult An Attorney On Your Injury Case Today

If you have questions about your Kentucky personal injury case, contact us today. You can also fill out the online form for a free consultation on your case.