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Former Football Star Facing Drug Trafficking Charges

Aug. 23, 2018

A former high school standout Kentucky football player who spent four years playing for a college in-state now faces allegations that he was trafficking cocaine. Police say that the player's arrest came at the conclusion of an investigation that took officers several weeks.

Police detained the man after making a traffic stop in which both local authorities and officers with the Kentucky State Police assisted. He is now in jail with four charges of trafficking in a controlled substance pending against him.

Specifically, he is accused of trying to sell more than four grams of cocaine. The details of how the police came to believe that this one-time promising football player had turned to drug dealing are not entirely clear.

However, Jackson residents should be mindful that, before prosecutors can convict this man, they will have to prove their allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. Moreover, their investigation is going to have to have been legal in all respects, as police may not violate the rights of the accused in their quest to secure a criminal conviction.

A man who once had a bright future is now looking at the possibility of spending months or even years in prison. Moreover, a criminal conviction on drug charges could also mean that he will have to deal with strict terms of probation and hefty fines. He may also face the seizure of his property if police prove it was being used in drug trafficking.

Finally, if convicted, we will likely have a very hard time pursuing any career whatsoever, much less a career in the world of sports.

For all of these reasons, this player, and anyone accused of drug crimes should consider evaluating his legal options with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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