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Is There a Way to Speed up The Administrative Hearing Process?

July 12, 2019

Oftentimes, maybe even more often than not, residents of Kentucky who apply for disability benefits will have their applications denied at the initial stages. This even happens to people who genuinely have an illness or injury that prevents them from working.

At that point, the person applying for benefits will have to ask for, and wait for, a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. The wait can last months or even over a year, depending on the backlog in the system. In the meantime, a disabled person will have to figure out a way to provide for herself without federal Social Security Disability benefits.

To some extent, the process takes the time that it takes. Aside from putting the best possible application forward at the outset, the only thing an applicant can do is make sure he cooperates with the Social Security Administration promptly at every stage of the process so as to prevent delays on his end.

However, in certain cases, a person awaiting benefits can try certain techniques that may expedite the hearing process. For instance, in the right type of case, it may be appropriate to ask for what is called an on-the-record review, meaning that an administrative law judge will not hold a hearing but just review the documentation provided to that point when making her decision.

In other cases, a person's application can get moved to the top of the stock in urgent financial situations, such as if he is in danger of losing his home or not being able to afford important medical treatment. For those in the Jackson area who are disabled veterans, they should remember that they also may be eligible for expedited consideration.

An experienced disability attorney may be able to help with the process of moving one's application through the Social Security system efficiently.

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