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Marijuana Use on the Rise Among College Students

Sept. 18, 2019

Although marijuana remains illegal in Kentucky for all reasons, a recent report suggests that many college students are simply not paying attention to these rules. According to the report, over 40% of all college students said that within the previous 12 months they have used some form of marijuana. This number is up from 38% in 2018. Additionally, one in four college students said that they had used in the previous month, which is an increase from about 21%.

Interestingly, the frequent use, that is, more than 20 times a month, is less prevalent among active college students than among young adults who are not attending college. Over one out of 10 young adults not in college admitted to frequent marijuana use, but only 6% of college students admitted to the same. The number suggest that, at least on college campuses, marijuana is a party drug that students may use on the weekends or when class is not in session.

Be that as it may, Kentucky's laws still criminally punish any and all possession of marijuana, although some localities may have programs that make it unlikely that a young adult will face a conviction over a small amount of marijuana. In the worst-case scenario, even a first-time offense involving the possession of a small amount of the drug can land a person in jail for over a month.

Accusations of drug crimes, including those involving marijuana, can ruin the academic or professional career of a young adult or college student in the communities surrounding Jackson. A person accused of such crimes may need to take the appropriate steps necessary to protect his or her future. These steps may include mounting a vigorous defense to the charges.

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