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One Can Still Drive Drunk and Be Under .08

Dec. 27, 2018

A previous post on this blog suggested that victims of a drunk driver in Kentucky and elsewhere have legal options available to them for obtaining compensation. In the right type of case, a victim may even be able to obtain punitive damages. Particularly, during this holiday season when people may be more likely to get behind the wheel after a few drinks, it is important for Kentucky residents to be aware drunk driving is not always synonymous with driving over the legal limit of .08 blood alcohol content, although this, of course, is dangerous behavior as well.

In fact, a driver can start feeling the effects of alcohol even with only a couple of drinks. According to a report circulated by a major media outlet, for instance, someone who is at .02 blood alcohol content, the equivalent of about two drinks in an average person, can experience some vision problems and limitations in the ability to multi-task.

Once a motorist hits .05 blood alcohol content, they are at risk of not being able to steer properly and will have substantially reduced reaction times. They also may not be able to react quickly enough in an emergency to avoid a collision, and they may also have a hard time tracking an object that is moving, such as an oncoming car. For this and other reasons, many other states are considering lowering their legal limit to .05, and one state has succeeded in doing so.

Although there is no telling when this movement will gain popularity here, Kentucky residents who get hurt in a car accident may suspect that alcohol contributed to the wreck. If they do, they should not give up on filing a personal injury accident just because the other motorist blew under .08. Instead, he or she should be aware that they continue to explore all legal options available.

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