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Police Charge 20 with Various Drug Crimes

June 28, 2019

A coordinated effort among different law enforcement agencies called Operation River Sweep came to a climax with at least 20 people facing serious criminal charges related to drugs. The group of agencies, called the Northern Kentucky Drug Strike Force, focused their efforts on a city in Northern Kentucky.

According to reports, the police recovered over 350 grams of crystal methamphetamine which police said obviously came from outside of the state. Police also recovered illicitly distributed fentanyl, a painkiller. They said the drug was likely manufactured overseas, either in Mexico or in China.

Additionally, police say that they recovered heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. They also recovered three guns, all of which were loaded, and over $10,000 cash.

Police do from time to time conduct drug sweeps in Kentucky, and when they do, they often ensure that the results make the news. Unfortunately, this can lead to a public perception that those charged with crimes are in fact guilty, as their arrests are coming after a lengthy, and apparently successful, police investigation.

However, such is not the case. One of the fundamental principles of the law is that a person is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. On a practical level, and getting behind the hype, no police investigation is perfect. In many cases, officers may have even overstepped their bounds or even disrespected their suspects' Constitutional rights.

Even when this is not so, it can be very easy for a person who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time to get drawn into a major drug enforcement action unfairly. Sometimes, a person may be facing more serious drug crimes than he actually committed.

Someone arrested in connection with a coordinated drug bust should strongly consider speaking with an attorney with knowledge of drug crimes and experience in the local court system.

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