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Representation After a Domestic Violence Accusation

Aug. 9, 2018

A previous post overviewed how Kentucky's criminal justice system handles allegations of domestic violence.

As that post mentioned, lots of people in the Jackson area or in the surrounding locales may find themselves facing allegations of domestic abuse at some point in their lives, particularly if they are in the midst of a divorce or having a high conflict custody or parenting time dispute with the other parent of one's child.

There are other situations in which even an otherwise decent, law-abiding citizen can find himself facing charges related to domestic violence. Even for a first-time offender, these charges are quite serious and can affect a person negatively for the rest of his or her life, or, at least, for a long time.

This is a big reason why anyone who has been accused of domestic violence and is facing a criminal charge, as a result, should consider retaining a lawyer who will provide him with a strong and thoughtful defense to the charges.

Our approach to our client's cases emphasizes honesty and careful planning. We work hard to protect our client's rights and we help them explore options that will serve them best when it comes to protecting their reputation, their freedom, and their pocketbooks.

In some situations, it may be that a person really did make a mistake in the heat of the moment. In these cases, we will help our client negotiate a reasonable deal and get back on his feet as quickly as possible after a domestic violence charge. Sadly, though, many accusations of domestic violence are grossly exaggerated if not outright false. In these sorts of scenarios, we can help our clients proceed to trial with confidence that they are mounting a strong defense.

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