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Social Security Disability for Workplace Injuries

Nov. 1, 2018

Many people in and around Jackson, Kentucky work with their hands in order to make a living. While there are jobs of this type which pay well and which are enjoyable, one downside to them is that a physical injury at work can mean a person has no means of providing for his family.

Moreover, while workplace injuries can be particularly devastating for those who do some type of physical labor, they can sideline employees in white collar or other service professions as well.

Like other states, Kentucky has a workers' compensation system which is supposed to give employees some financial relief if they get seriously hurt at work. However, while these benefits are of course helpful, they do not always cover all of an injured worker's costs and expenses.

Fortunately, a Kentucky worker whose injuries are so extensive that she will likely not be able to return to the workforce, at least not with her skills and experience, can also apply for Social Security Disability benefits in addition to workers' compensation. In other words, Social Security can put a little more money into an injured worker's pocket so that she can move on with her life after an injury.

There are some caveats and limits to this rule, however. At the federal level, for instance, a worker cannot receive more than 80 percent of his average gross wages in workers' compensation and disability payments combined. The federal government will reduce the disability payment to account for this rule.

So, if a person made, for example, $4,000 a month in gross wages, and is able to draw $2,800 a month in workers' compensation, then the highest disability payment she can receive is $400 a month. Other legal restrictions may also apply, and one can speak to her attorney about these restrictions.

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