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Two Arrested in Connection with Meth Bust

Nov. 15, 2018

Two men from a different part of Kentucky are facing serious criminal charges after police conducted an investigation pertaining to methamphetamine. Police have indicated that they plan to make additional arrests in connection with their investigation. Federal authorities were also involved in the arrests.

According to police, one of the men was arrested in a parking lot. Police then searched the man's vehicle and found both methamphetamine and some cash. The other man involved was reportedly the one who supplied the methamphetamine, and police caught up with him at a subsequent traffic stop.

The following day, police raided the first man's home and his business. Police say they found more methamphetamine, as well as counterfeit bills and other items that police interpreted as evidence of drug trafficking activity.

Both of these men have been charged with trafficking in methamphetamine. This offense, a felony in Kentucky, can result in years in prison and hefty fines. Moreover, these men may face strict, and expensive, terms of probation that can include mandatory drug testing and counseling, all at the men's personal expense. Finally, drug convictions can have far-reaching collateral consequences, including lost job and education opportunities.

It is important to remember that these men have not had the opportunity to tell their side of the story and may not have that chance until a trial.

It is also important to remember that police not only have an obligation to investigate alleged drug crimes, they also have to make sure their investigation is legal at every step. An unlawful search, for instance, can call into question the validity of the state's case.

Like these two men, a person who lives in or around Jackson, Kentucky and faces an accusation of drug crimes should strongly consider speaking to an attorney in order to evaluate the available legal options.

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