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We Offer a Variety of Services to Those Accused of DUI

Nov. 29, 2018

For anyone, but especially for a Jackson, Kentucky resident who has never been through it before, it can be scary to get pulled over by a law enforcement officer for a DUI investigation.

Emotions, of course, run even higher when the investigation does not go well, and a person winds up being arrested and accused of drunk driving. While no one wants this to happen, this is certainly not an uncommon experience, even for people who are good citizens who make every effort to obey the laws of this state.

Sorting through things after a DUI charge can be hard. For instance, it may be necessary to get a bond set so one can get out of jail and on with life as soon as possible. Moreover, there is a good chance that even before the case is resolved, a person will face an administrative license suspension.

Perhaps most importantly, a person will have to decide how to handle what could turn into a costly criminal conviction that will be on his or her permanent record.

Even from the outset of a drunk driving case, our law office is prepared to help. We have over 20 years of experience helping locals, as well as visitors to the area, tackle all the issues related to a DUI.

We work hard to give our clients frank, well-reasoned advice and we investigate all of our cases aggressively, without ever assuming that the police are automatically right. We have in the past been able to uncover holes in the state's case and have thereby been able to get very favorable results for our clients.

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