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We Represent Victims of Careless Teen Drivers

June 14, 2019

Several previous posts on this blog have talked about the fact that, for a number of reasons, teen drivers pose some extra risk while they are out and about on the road. While some of this extra risk might be just due to inexperience, in many cases, there is also an element of bad or immature judgment involved.

For instance, one previous post talked about the fact that a handful of teens are not going to be careful on nights like prom or graduation and may even choose to drink and drive. Another post discussed problems that teen drivers in particular have with texting and driving or with speeding. These bad habits can, and sadly often do, endanger other motorists that are traveling on Kentucky's roads.

Just because a driver is young and inexperienced, it does not mean that he or she should escape responsibility for his or her actions. In fact, getting held responsible for causing a car accident can be a real turning point in the life of a young driver, perhaps serving as the inspiration to grow up and take on more responsibility.

However, for an injured victim, the criminal justice system is probably not going to come close to paying his or her bills, even if the responsible teen driver winds up getting punished. The victim will have to file a separate personal injury case to get compensation and will likely want a skilled advocate when doing so.

After all proving fault is just one step in a negligence case. The injured victim must also demonstrate the full extent of his or her injuries, including any pain and suffering he or she may have suffered.

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