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Wildcat Football Player Arrest on Drug Charges

June 15, 2018

Safety on the Kentucky Wildcats football team, who has since been cut from the squad, has been arrested in connection with a search of his home that, according to police, led to their discovering drugs and other evidence of trafficking.

Police claim that they found almost $100,000 in cash, including several hundred dollars in the football player's pockets. Police also say that they found a weapon, marijuana and over 50 grams of cocaine in the apartment. Police also found a scale and other materials that, while legal in themselves, are commonly used by those who are selling drugs.

It is important to remember, though, that the football player also had a roommate in the apartment who was not home at the time police came to the door. Police originally came to the apartment because someone had called in to report a domestic disturbance between the roommate and his girlfriend.

Police claim that the football player agreed to let them into the house to do a welfare check and police discovered drugs in the home. The roommate has also been arrested and charged with serious drug crimes in light of what the police found.

The football player has had no prior history of arrests, but the serious nature of the charges against him still mean he is looking at a lengthy stint in prison. Moreover, a conviction on these charges will most certainly hurt his professional and personal reputation, as his arrest has already cost him a spot on his college football team. He will likely want to speak with an attorney who has experience with drug cases, as that attorney can help him evaluate his legal options and mount an effective defense to the charges.

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