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Winning an Administrative Hearing Isn't Easy

Jan. 11, 2019

It is a sad reality that many applicants for Social Security benefits, even when they are truly disabled and definitely need the help, wind up having their requests denied at the outset. When this happens, a Jackson, Kentucky, resident's only option will likely be to ask for a hearing before an administrative law judge for a reconsideration hearing.

The good news that many people in Kentucky wind up getting relief after taking their disability cases to the local administrative law judge.

The bad news, however, is that many people get denied benefits even at this stage. While the numbers can vary from year to year and from judge to judge, a general rule of thumb is that one has about a 50 percent chance of getting an award of benefits from an administrative law judge.

When one does not get a fully favorable decision, it is a hard loss to take since it may well be one's best chance at getting the Social Security disability benefits they desperately need.

It can be hard to wait for the weeks or even months for one's administrative hearing after getting denied SSD, but these numbers should show that the waiting time is well spent preparing for the hearing. The result of a case is far from certain, and losing a case can spell financial disaster for someone who is too hurt or too sick to work.

The law remains the same in every case, and to some extent, a person cannot control the facts. Still, there is a lot one can do to help himself or herself out prior to a disability reconsideration hearing. Speaking to an experienced Social Security attorney is one such step.

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