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Woman Arrested on Warrants Facing New Charge

Dec. 14, 2018

According to reports, authorities in Berea, which is not too far from Jackson, Kentucky, arrested a woman and wound up accusing her of possessing methamphetamine.

Police claim that the woman had violated her bail on a pending charge against her and also had not shown up for a court date. She was also being accused of contempt of court, which although not necessarily a criminal matter, can still land a person in jail.

Police also complained that the woman was not cooperative with her. She reportedly did not provide her legal name or her correct birth date when asked, and, at one point, attempted to run from police. At some point, police searched the woman's pockets and found evidence that she had methamphetamine in her possession.

This woman is now facing a serious drug charge, and her legal issue may be compounded since she apparently was already facing some other legal trouble. It is important for readers to remember, though, that every case has to be looked at separately; the fact the woman may have prior trouble does not mean she is guilty of drug crimes in this case.

In fact, there may be some defenses available to her. For instance, as with any search, the police are going to have to establish that they had probable cause to search her pockets or had some other legal authority to do so. These sorts of questions depend heavily on the facts of one's case. Other defenses may be available to the woman as well, and, even if she chooses to plead guilty to her charges, there may be alternatives available that do not involve spending a long time in prison.

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