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Overview of Domestic Violence Laws in Kentucky

Anyone can get in to family squabbles. People say what they do not mean, and a fight can oftentimes end with a lot of shouting and commotion. While there is nothing wrong with this per se, sometimes people can cross the lines and get physical in a family fight or a fight with their spouse or significant other.

This is a form of unlawful domestic violence, and it can carry with it serious consequences for a Jackson, Kentucky resident.

There is not law specifically prohibiting domestic violence in Kentucky. Instead, prosecutors will use other criminal charges against someone whom they believe has perpetrated a crime of domestic violence. There are, however, separate criminal charges for disobeying a protective order, and the law requires the police to arrest someone suspected of violating a protective order immediately in lieu of issuing a summons or later obtaining an arrest warrant.

Moreover, someone who is accused of domestic violence can, in some circumstances, face enhanced penalties, including the possibility of a felony assault conviction.

Someone who has been accused of a crime related to a domestic violence incident should take their charges seriously. Not only can these charges land a person in jail or on strict probation, domestic violence convictions often have other indirect consequences that can make it hard for a person to obtain a job, keep custody of their children, own a firearm and the like.

For these reasons, a Jackson, Kentucky, resident who is facing an accusation of domestic violence in a criminal proceeding should strongly consider evaluating and pursuing their options with the help of an experienced criminal law attorney.