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Bicycle Accidents Attorney in Jackson, Kentucky

In Kentucky, bike riders can cruise the countryside to discover the beautiful landscape and scenic atmosphere. In fact, there are three U.S. Bicycle Routes in the Bluegrass State designated by the Adventure Cycling Association. Nonetheless, cyclists are still exposed to the dangers of the road. Traffic collisions involving cyclists and motorists often leave the bicyclists with the most injuries. If you or a loved one were hurt in a bicycle accident caused by a negligent party, you're within your rights to seek fair financial compensation for your injuries.

For more than 20 years, I have devoted my career to providing experienced legal services and representing clients in their bicycle accident cases. As a skilled Kentucky personal injury attorney, I will review and investigate all of the facts of your case and help you understand your available legal options to recover damages. I will fight compassionately to advocate for your legal rights, hold those responsible for your injuries accountable, and pursue your deserved compensation.

My firm—the Law Office of Patrick E. O'Neill, PSC—is proud to serve clients across Jackson, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas of Campton, Stanton, West Liberty, Beattyville, and Booneville.

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What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

The moments following a bicycle accident can be confusing to sort through. Regardless, what you do—or fail to do—after the incident can make a large impact on your ability to seek damages. When involved in a bicycle accident, you should take the following steps:

  • Stay calm.

  • Carefully exit your bicycle and get to safety.

  • Call 911 to get immediate medical attention for your injuries.

  • Report the accident to the police or law enforcement.

  • Gather relevant information, including the other driver's name, phone number, license details, and insurance details.

  • Document evidence, including police reports, witness statements and testimonies, and accident scene pictures.

  • Document all of your medical expenses, treatments, doctor's appointments, as well as personal accounts of the accident and its effect on your personal life.

  • Notify your insurer that you were involved in a bicycle accident.

  • Hire a skilled attorney to help file your injury claims and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company.

It is important that you act quickly to avoid losing vital documents or forgetting important details about the incident. You should hire an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible to advocate for your rights and enlighten you on laws affecting cyclists in the Bluegrass State.

Kentucky Laws Affecting Bicycle Riders

In Kentucky, certain laws and rules have been enacted to ensure the safety of bicyclists and help prevent accidents. These include:


  • Bicyclists must obey all traffic signs and signals

  • When approaching a pedestrian or other bicycle, cyclists must sound a horn, bell, or shout

  • Cyclists are only allowed to carry the number of passengers the bicycle was designed for

  • There must be at least one hand on the handlebars when riding

  • Attaching yourself or your bicycle to another vehicle is illegal

  • Not more than two bicycles may ride side-by-side in a single highway lane


  • Cyclists must use a front light when riding at night or whenever it is darker than usual.

  • When riding on highways, bicyclists must use a red rear reflector or light on themselves or their bicycle.

  • Bicycle riders must use a steady or flashing red rear light when riding at night or overcast.


  • In Kentucky, only individuals under 12 years must wear helmets when riding their bicycles.

If you or someone close to you has been injured in a bicycle accident caused by another person's negligent actions, you need to hire a skilled personal injury attorney right away Your lawyer can evaluate every detail of your unique situation and help file your injury claim.

Filing a Claim

Kentucky is a "choice no-fault" state. This means that victims of bicycle accidents may opt out of the no-fault system (PIP coverage) and sue the at-fault party after the incident. The PIP benefits under the no-fault system pay up to $10,000 for medical bills, lost income, and other "out of pocket" costs resulting from the bicycle accident.

However, bicycle accident victims may choose to "opt-out" of the no-fault coverage and file a lawsuit against the responsible party if your injury or accident claims meet the following threshold:

  • The accident resulted in more than $1,000 in medical expenses.

  • You suffered permanent injury, permanent disfigurement, significant fracture, or any permanent loss of a body or organ function.

An experienced lawyer can help file the necessary forms and determine the right amount of compensation you might be entitled to.

Comparative Fault in Kentucky

Additionally, Kentucky follows the "pure comparative fault" rule. According to the principle, an accident victim will still be allowed to seek compensation for their injuries even if they were partially or mostly responsible for the accident or injury. However, the amount of damages that may be recovered will be reduced by the victim's fault degree.

For instance, if the jury awarded total compensation of $30,000 for your injuries and losses but discovered that you were 30% liable for the bicycle accident, your damages will be reduced by $9,000. You may only recover $21,000. Under Kentucky's pure comparative fault system, you may still recover damages even if you were 99% at fault for the accident or injury.

Statute of Limitations

Kentucky bicycle accident statutes of limitation state that an action to recover damages for an injury to the person of the plaintiff, or of her husband, his wife, child, ward, apprentice, or servant, shall be commenced within one year from the date of the accident.

How Legal Counsel Can Help

Getting injured in a bicycle wreck can be emotional, even overwhelming. If you're unlucky enough to sustain serious injuries, such an incident could mean harm to your mental, financial, and physical wellbeing. You shouldn't have to suffer the financial liability and challenges all by yourself. Retaining an experienced personal injury attorney immediately is crucial to protect your rights.

At the Law Office of Patrick E. O'Neill, PSC, I'm poised and ready to help you hold those liable for your injuries responsible. As your legal counsel, I can:

  • Review every detail of your case and conduct a thorough, private investigation

  • Gather and document important information such as required evidence and police reports

  • Help prove fault and establish liability

  • Determine the full extent of your injuries and estimate case-value

  • Help negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance carrier

  • Take additional legal action, if necessary

Using my extensive experience, I will fight diligently to protect your best interests and help pursue fair financial compensation to cover medical expenses, including future medical treatments, lost income and benefits, and any additional pain and suffering you must have experienced. Having me on your side can make a big difference in your bicycle accident case.

Bicycle Accidents Attorney Serving Jackson, Kentucky

If you or a family member was injured in a negligent bicycle accident, you deserve knowledgeable legal guidance and reliable representation. Contact my firm—the Law Office of Patrick E. O'Neill, PSC—today to schedule a one-on-one case evaluation. My firm is proud to serve clients across Jackson, Beattyville, Campton, Booneville, Stanton, and West Liberty, Kentucky.